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hair curler

hair curler

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☆ Product Name: Silicone curling machine

 ☆    Product packaging: including blister packaging 

☆    Product material: high quality silicone 

☆    Product weight: Large: 0.01 kg Small: 0.006 kg

 ☆    Product specifications: 10 packs (5 large + 5 small)

Super soft fashion hair curls    Anyone can, without any time, roll out fashion charm    Do not use card issuing, so there will be no traces left    No need to electrify, heat, or damage the hair

There is not enough time for curls in the morning The hot curler is too hot to be used The cost of ironing hair and perm is too high. Going home from work or thinking about curling when traveling. Ironing, perming, etc. are both cumbersome and increase the carrying weight However, I still want to curl! ! With Peco roll! ! No electric blanching, so the hair damage is very small No use of card issuance, no trace Easy to operate, not recommended for people who are cumbersome Lightweight and easy to carry. You can change the curl degree arbitrarily by adjusting only the number of hair rolls used. Washable and reusable! 


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