Collection: Bundles

Most bundles are human hair bundles that range from virgin to Remy.  Our bundles are available in a choice of lengths, colors, & with optional closures or frontals.

Virgin:  Virgin hair bundles are made of hair that has never been chemically processed and lasts longer than other types of hair extensions.  This is the highest quality hair.  Virgin hair looks better than other types of hair because it's healthier and has intact cuticle layer.  It can be styled with heat and chemically processed.

Remy:   Remy hair extensions are extensions that have all the cuticles intact and is more expensive than non-Remy human hair. Remy hair is smoother and shinier than non-Remy human hair.  Remy hair feels amazing even after being washed many times. Remy hair is cheaper than virgin hair.  However, virgin hair may be a better choice if your style involves bleaching.

Human Hair:   Non-Remy human hair is hair that is collected from multiple sources that cannot guarantee the root and tip ends are traveling in the same direction.  The typical non-Remy human hair must be processed to prevent the hair from tangling.