About us

Your Beauty Matters [YBM] is an American-owned online beauty retailer that caters to busy customer with quality products and excellent customer service.  YBM focuses primarily on the beauty needs of American consumers who enjoy changing their look with high quality lace and lace front wigs, lace frontals, closures, virgin remy hair extensions, weaves, and eye lashes.

YBM was created to provide a hassle-free experience for those who want the convenience and privacy of online shopping and the attention of a boutique experience. Most products ship from within the United States with some exceptions. YBM prioritizes a seamless, online, shopping experience.

Also, YBM is an inclusive beauty retailer that caters to the needs of all and encourages embracing the value of internal and external beauty of each unique individual without judgment.  It doesn't matter if one is natural or not.  The products can be used by those who are natural and desire using a variety of protective styles. The spirit of YBM is that beauty is internal and external. What matters most is how one feels about themselves internally and that is mirrored externally. YBM approaches serving customers in that spirit and judges no one regardless of their beauty choices.  

We are using our online business to create a community of inclusiveness to promote accepting the beauty choices and varied ideas of beauty among all.  Thus, in our social media presence, we strive to educate, encourage, and connect all with the message that all matter but more specifically, realize that Your Beauty Matters.  You have value not because of your physical beauty but because you are fearfully and wonderfully YOU.  That is part of the mission and identity of YBM's approach to the beauty business.