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FOSHIO Metal Hair Extension Stand with Suction Cup

FOSHIO Metal Hair Extension Stand with Suction Cup

The FOSHIO Metal Hair Extension Stand Holder is the perfect tool to transform your hair styling routine. Its strong suction cup feature keeps it firmly in place while you work, making sorting, sectioning, and braiding your hair a breeze. Enjoy beautiful, professional-looking results in half the time!

FOSHIO Metal Hair Extension Stand Holder Human Wig Sectioning Rack Hair Beaded Braiding Sorting Hanger Bracket with Suction Cup

Product name: hair extension holder
Style: suction cup, adhesive silicone pad
A: 30x2.5x5.3cm
B: 30x2.5x8.5cm
Color: rose gold, black
Material: metal, silicone, rubber

Package includes:
A: 1 x hair extension holder + 2 x suction cup + 2 x silicone pad
B: 1 x hair extension holder + 4 x silicone pad


1. There are two types of holders for option, you can choose the suction cup style or the adhesive silicone pad one.
2. The tooth comb is dense to hang hair and wigs, so that you can release your hands to sort out the mixed hair.
3. The holder is made of ultra light material and not easy to deform.
4. The suction cup is double locked, and the silicone pads are adhesive, so they can stick firmly on wall, glass or smooth surface.
5. It is easy to use, and can be used for hair extension, hair color display, hair beaded style display.


For hair extension holding, hair color display, hair style display and so on.


A: suction cup (rose gold)

B: silicone pad (rose gold)

A: suction cup (black)

B: silicone pad (black)




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