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Professional Steam Hair Straightener Infrared Care Ceramic Coated 2 Inch Wide Plates

Professional Steam Hair Straightener Infrared Care Ceramic Coated 2 Inch Wide Plates

This professional steam hair straightener features infrared care and ceramic coated 2-inch wide plates for salon straightening and styling. With a LED temperature display and a range of 150C /300F to 235C/455F, this iron is suitable for all hair types and textures. It heats up rapidly in just seconds, and has a long working life with stable performance. The steam function helps to make hair smooth and eliminate frizz, while the infrared heating technology helps to repair hair damage. This luxury ionic flat-iron, equipped with ceramic tourmaline plates, reduces harm to hair and can be used with ease thanks to its simple on-off switch. Don't worry about leaving it on for too long, as it has an automatic shutoff after 60 minutes. Available in white or black, with a 2.5m line length and weighing only 540g, this hair straightener is a must-have for any hair professional. Keep in mind that the splint can


1 x Hair Straightener
1 x User Manual (in English)
1 x empty  bottle
1 x gloves
2 x clips


(upper heating plate) infrared function:

1. Can activate the water molecules in the hair, repair the hair scales, avoid moisture loss and dry hair dryness, and make the hair soft and shiny inside and outside.
2. Activate scalp cells, promote skin metabolism and increase blood circulation, thereby reducing dandruff shedding
3. Generate cell resonance, stimulate scalp cells and hair follicles, thereby promoting cell regeneration, stimulating hair growth, and significantly reducing hair loss.
(lower heating plate) steam function
1. Add moisture to your hair to avoid heat damage, dryness, and split ends
2. Hydrates hair to make it shiny and smooth
3. Hair pulled by a steam straightener will stay naturally straight for longer.





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