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TENS Electrical Nerve Muscle Stimulator

TENS Electrical Nerve Muscle Stimulator

This product includes 1 Slimming Massager, 1 Connection Cable, 4 Physical Therapy Electrodes, and a User Manual (batteries not included). The compact and lightweight design features large oval electrode pads that provide a gentle massage. With 8 massage modes such as Tapping, Modulation, Kneading, Programs 1 and 2, and more, you can treat various body parts simultaneously using the 2 output channels A and B. It can also help with burning fat, slimming, beautifying, and relieving neck and cervical vertebra pain. Massaging the acupuncture points can reduce fatigue and improve body function. Use it on the waistline, neck, shoulders, arms, hips, thighs, and calves for best results. It's perfect for stiff shoulders, chronic lower back pain, neuralgia, rheumatism, leg aches, general fatigue, gastralgia, cervical vertebra and neck pain, toothaches, energy deficiencies

◎Note: Do not remove the massage patch or touch the black part of the patch with your hand when the power is on, otherwise you will be strongly stimulated.

●Function operation, key description:
1. Press the upper left ON button to turn on the power, the "destroy" mode shows the upper right of the screen (fist)
2. According to your needs, choose different function modes (press right MODE button) to destroy, automatically massage, knead, pinch and other functions, or automatically display different functions according to body parts. There are 8 different functions.
3. After selecting the function (MODE button), press the ON button (left-up button) twice to increase the POWER (power intensity) two boxes (displayed in the lower right corner of the screen) and continue pressing the ON/increase button to select the appropriate strength strength required by the individual. (Using the left-up button or the left button minus, choose the strength of the individual feel the most comfortable strength).
4. Select the appropriate strength, press the lower right button (intensity or speed selection button), switch to speed (SPEED), press ON button two times, increase SPEED (speed), and continue to press ON/ increase button to select personal requirements The appropriate speed, if the speed is too fast, use the OFF button (lower left button) to reduce the speed (use the left and right buttons to increase or decrease, select the most appropriate speed for personal feeling).
5. The lower right button (intensity and speed switch) is a selection button for POWER and SPEED.
6. When you need to temporarily stop using, please select the right down button to POWER, and press the OFF button continuously until the power is turned off.
7. Use time: The standard for each site is 15 minutes (the number on the screen is 15 and the time is reduced to 0), and it is better not to exceed 30 minutes for each site.

1. Do not use this product if you have the following diseases or symptoms: Heart disease patients who use cardiac regulators; People with high fever; Acute pain patients; People with abnormal blood pressure; Women during menstruation; Pregnant women or maternal women; Patients with dermatosis around them; patients with malignant tumors; those who are wet after showering or sweating; patients with tuberculosis; patients who are undergoing treatment must consult a doctor when using them.
2. The massage patch should always be kept clean, and do not touch the sticky surface with your fingers, so as not to reduce the viscosity and lose functionality.
3. For adults who do not express their abilities (eg children), adults should take care of them all the time. Avoid using it while driving and sleeping.
4. Do not cover the mouth or near the massage patch. Do not use it in a very hot room (such as a bathroom) or in a shower.
5. After use, be sure to turn off the power and remove the patch from the main unit, stick it back to the transparent plastic sheet, and do not stick it on paper or other things. So as not to lose the stickiness.

Maintenance and maintenance:
1. Wipe the machine with a damp cloth or a neutral detergent and wipe dry with a dry cloth. Never use volatile liquids such as benzene, thinner, or gasoline to clean.
2. Do not place the machine or patch in hot, humid or direct sunlight. Keep dry places and places that children do not easily reach.




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